Like with ultrasonic High Frequency Welding Machine

Like with ultrasonic High Frequency Welding Machine, pressure is applied to the plastics materials, but instead of heat created through friction, a high frequency electromagnetic energy (radio waves) is used to fuse the materials together. The energy generated by this process causes the molecules in the material to vibrate, which creates heat and allows the plastics to fuse together.

RF welding is a fast process, does not require any special joint designs and produces cosmetically appealing welds. With this method of welding, the heating can be localized and the process can be continuous. RF welding creates a consistent weld, and is used in industries such as medical device manufacturing where a strong, leak-proof seal may be required. At Genesis, our RF welding services can weld very thin gauge (down to 0.001 inch) polymers from a tiny weld spot up to 82” by 42” in size.A good quality weld not only depends on the method used, but also on the chosen materials.

Our HF Welding diverse heat sealing solutions allow you to consider both polar and non-polar materials in your production process. You can find out more about our services on our website or by contacting ustoday.

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